Online Course on Trade, Food Security and Nutrition (Course Dates: Jul 31 to Sep 1, 2017, Registration Deadline: Jul 24, 2017)

Online Course on Agriculture in Trade Agreements (Course Dates: Oct 16 to Nov 17, 2017, Registration Deadline: Oct 9, 2017)

Registration is OPEN.
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About the Programme

FAO is currently delivering the FMM Project “Trade related capacity development for food security and nutrition” in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), with a focus on Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. This project aims to contribute to improved coherence between the agriculture and trade-related policy frameworks at the national and regional levels, thereby contributing to the development of more inclusive and efficient agricultural development. It will do so by:

  • Strengthening the capacity of agriculture and trade ministries to develop and implement evidence-based trade policies, and to formulate and negotiate trade agreements, taking into consideration both their needs for economic growth and structural transformation, and their food security and nutrition concerns.
  • Improving dialogue, coordination and collaboration between agriculture and trade stakeholders, making use, where possible of existing national structures, such as those associated with the implementation of the EIF for Trade-related Technical Assistance, and with the CAADP for agricultural interventions.

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